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Friday Night Magic: Eldritch Moon Booster Draft

We will be hosting a Friday Night Magic Booster Draft event this Friday, August 19th.  The event will begin at 6pm.  Friday Night Magic events vary from week to week.  This week's event will be an Eldritch Moon booster draft; we charge a $15 entry fee for booster drafts, which covers the three boosters (2 Eldritch Moon, 1 Shadows Over Innistrad) used plus the prize pool.  You will keep all of the cards that you draft.

The first and second place players overall at each event will receive the special Friday Night Magic foil promo card, as well as two random other players who did not come in first or second place.  For the month of August this promo card is Crumbling Vestige.

We will be making reserves available for FNM every Friday morning when we open at 10am.  Players are able to reserve their spot at FNM by paying for the event in advance of the 6pm start time.  This is important because we only have 24 available spots at each event.  If you would like to guarantee your sport for an event we highly recommend you pay for your spot early.  Finally, since we have limited space, players MUST arrive promptly before the start time.  Anyone arriving later than 5:55pm risks losing their spot to other available players.

If you would like to participate, please RSVP.  Please show up on time; we will begin promptly at 6pm.

If you're not familiar with how a booster draft works, please read up a little bit ahead of time.  Here is a helpful link to get you started!

And here's a link to the online booster draft simulator so you can get an idea, in advance, of what it might be like :

This will be a DCI sanctioned event, so if you have a DCI number please bring it along.   If you don't (or if you have no idea what that means), no worries; we've got you covered!  Please show up at least fifteen minutes before the event and we will set you up with a DCI number.

Let us know if you have any questions!!

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