Whether you’re an experienced spellslinger or just getting started with the game, Friday Night Magic is a great way to jump into competitive Magic. In addition to our weekly events every Friday at 6pm, we also hold special Prerelease and Gameday events several times a year. We’ve collected several of our frequently asked questions here so you can learn more about playing Magic with us. But of course if you have any specific questions regarding any event, feel free to call or email the store directly.

How old do I have to be to play here?

Magic is a game for all ages, and we don’t want to discourage young players from competing here; however, FNM is a competitive event. Our usual players range from high school students to adults. We make sure that our store and our events are family friendly, but we do ask that younger players (under 13) come with a parent, especially for their first event.

I’m new to Magic, is FNM for me?

YES! Friday Night Magic is intended for players of all experience levels, though we do recommend having played the game a few times before. If you know what the steps of a turn are, what tapping means, and what the starting life-total is, you’re probably ready for FNM. It’s a low pressure environment, and we have a judge for any rules questions. Everyone who plays here was a beginner once, too!

What do “Draft” and “Standard” mean?

We run a few different sanctioned formats at our events. Drafts and Two-Headed Giant are limited formats, meaning you just have to bring yourself (and a friend in the case of Two-Headed Giant). Standard Constructed tournaments are meant for reconstructed decks, containing cards from the last year's sets.